Execution of prefabrication works, pipelines installation and repairs, on the ground, above ground, as well as underground, of carbon steel, alloy and low-alloy steels, stainless steel, polyethylene, fiber glass, with a wide range of destinations (for fluids, steam, hot water, fire-extinguishing water, natural gas, crude oil, etc.).

In our production facility we execute spool prefabrication by welding, sandblasting, anti-corrosive insulation and anti-corrosive protection.

This domain of our work is carried out by qualified and trained personnel, with documented welding procedures, qualified in accordance with European and international standards.

Equipment and devices used in manufacturing, non-destructive examination and pressure testing of such types of works are regularly inspected and metrologically confirmed to ensure that they meet the requirements in the field.


We have extensive experience in conducting operational steps to install machinery and equipment, both assembled and as components.

We are known by our customers for the quality of our installation works, assembly and/or repair of the following types of machines and equipment:

  • Static equipment (columns, reactors, gasometers, heat exchangers, etc.);
  • Dynamic equipment (compressors, pumps, centrifuges, etc.);
  • Hot water boilers and boilers with high and low pressure steam, including combustion installations and automation technology related to the boilers;
  • Metal tanks of small and large capacity (for storage of petroleum products and chemicals).
  • We conduct these types of works only after a very careful preparation, based on the assembly technologies specific to each type of machine or equipment and on the plans to lift them into their installation position.


    We execute metal and industrial constructions of any kind and purpose, depending on the result desired by the customer.

    We have experience in execution of production halls, warehouses, metal structures for silos and cement factory, showroom and offices.

    Manufacture of components of metal structures is accomplished by following the steps of:

  • Purchase of materials that strictly meet the quality requirements imposed by the designer;
  • Mechanical processing of materials (bending and/or hot or cold straightening, thermal and/or mechanical cutting);
  • Assembly by removable and non-removable joints;
  • Non-destructive testing of components of metal structures at all stages of machining and assembly;
  • Sandblasting and application of corrosion protection;
  • Transport at the installation site and installation of the components of metal structures.
  • We usually execute, in high-quality, the following types of components of metal structures: stairways, handrails, gangways, gantry crane beams, resistance metal structures (poles, roof and floor beams, purlins, facade beams, stiffening bars, wind bracings).


    We perform non-destructive tests of welded joints and metallic materials through our own NDE Laboratory, authorized in accordance with the requirements of standards in force.

    The NDE laboratory is equipped with advanced appliances and software, spaces and utilities, in which we carry out the tests in accordance with the requirements of technical projects for the contracted works.

    The professional team of the laboratory consists of qualified operators, who are regularly trained, licensed and certified to carry out tests using the following methods:

  • Visual inspection;
  • Penetration Testing;
  • Magnetic Particle Testing;
  • Ultrasonic Testing;
  • Testing by penetrating gamma rays;
  • Ultrasonic measurement of thicknesses.

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