The experience and professionalism that our teams have acquired in time on providing services for refineries and electrical and thermal power plants ensure that we are always capable and have the necessary skills to manage industrial revisions.

The usual steps that we follow within the revision contracts are:

  • Calculation of workload;
  • Construction site organization;
  • Planning of working hours and supervision of construction site;
  • Cost control;
  • Permanent implementation of the requirements of health and safety at work;
  • Waste management;
  • Mounting / dismounting of scaffolds, insulations, pipe closers, taps, valves, pipe connections;
  • Cleaning on the inside, inner and outer verification of pipes, machinery, tanks;
  • Performing non-destructive tests and pressure tests;
  • Implementation of technical testing programs for use in examinations / tests of a technical nature;
  • Ensuring and keeping documented information concerning the quality of the executed works.

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