We execute metal and industrial constructions of any kind and purpose, depending on the result desired by the customer.

We have experience in execution of production halls, warehouses, metal structures for silos and cement factory, showroom and offices.

Manufacture of components of metal structures is accomplished by following the steps of:

  • Purchase of materials that strictly meet the quality requirements imposed by the designer;
  • Mechanical processing of materials (bending and/or hot or cold straightening, thermal and/or mechanical cutting);
  • Assembly by removable and non-removable joints;
  • Non-destructive testing of components of metal structures at all stages of machining and assembly;
  • Sandblasting and application of corrosion protection;
  • Transport at the installation site and installation of the components of metal structures.
  • We usually execute, in high-quality, the following types of components of metal structures: stairways, handrails, gangways, gantry crane beams, resistance metal structures (poles, roof and floor beams, purlins, facade beams, stiffening bars, wind bracings).


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